Face recognition

Why face recognition?

Simple implementation is the main feature of this solution. It is envisaged that the device for reading the faces of employees is placed in a visible place, and so employees come to work by simply reading the face and check in and out. A precise system in which the possibility of error is minimized, and the abuse of this system is almost impossible. The system is independent, does not require additional infrastructure and security system operators.


It is a biometric technology used by the largest IT companies in the world, such as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Academia and Megvia.

How it works?

Face recognition is the process of identifying and verifying a person using a face.

  • Face detection
  • Capturing faces
  • Comparing faces with a database

Converting faces to digital record is done through an algorithm. It records the parameters of the person and records them in a string, and associates them with a specific order.


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