the simplest check-in and check-out: by face recognition

Completely free for up to 5 employees

the simplest check-in and check-out: by phone

Completely free for up to 5 employees

Easy and fast time logging

EasyTime is used for work time tracking.
Main characteristics are that it's simple, reliable and affordable.

The required investments are minimal. We offer solutions based on the latest technologies, scanning a QR code or Face recognition.

Why Face recognition?

Main feature of this technology is easy implementation. A Face recognition device ( android tablet) is placed on a accessible location so that employees can check in/out as they arrive to work.

Employee time loging using telephone

Initial investments are low, only a Tablet ( android OS) is necessary or a PC. System can be used for fre for up to 5 ( FIVE ) employees.

QR code video

What is EasyTime?

Easy Time is a software solution that enables easy and fast recording of working hours. Its basic characteristics are:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Minimum investment
  • Easy to use
  • RESTful API

EasyTime allows you to easily and securely make a connection between EasyTime and your time and attendance program via our RESTful API.


The generated QR code contains a timestamp which makes it hard to abuse the system with remote scanning.
The employee account is locked to the users device after first login, only the employer can reset it.
Adding to the above mentioned security measures the employees location is also logged using the device GPS.

Who is it for

Easy Time is intended for both small companies and companies with a large number of employees who want a flexible platform for recording the working hours. It is intended for companies that do not want to allocate huge resources to maintain such a system. Initial investments are minimal. EasyTime can be used indefinitely for free for up to 5 users. This way you can test the system. If you want to use the system for more than 5 links then see the Price List.

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