Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is EasyTime?

A : EasyTime is a time management and attendence software.

Q : How do I use it?

A : Work time loging is achieved by scaning the QR code with the your device, data is sent to the servers and your loging is saved.

Q : How do I start using it?

A : Registracija se vrši na linku:


Q : How do I create employee accounts?

A : Employees can be added in the dashboard, using the "add user" option:


Q : Where can I find the apps?

A : The apps are available on Google Play Store, and the Apple IStore.

Q : What is a QR code?

A : QR code is a graphycly encrypted data.

Q : Which tablet should I buy?

A : The apps reqirements are low, so a basic model device should sufice.

Q : Do i have to buy a tablet device?

A : No You don't. The QR code generator app can work on a mobile phone also, however it supports only android devices.

Q : Andorid or iOS?

A : The eternal battle continues!!!! The EasyTime Employee app is available on BOTH devices.

Q : How do I install the app on a tablet device?

A : The QR code Generator app is instal via Google Play Store, just search for the Easytime QR generator.

After the app is installed You can log in using the main account details.

Q : How do I install the app on a mobile device?

A : The app can be installed via Apple IStore and Google Play Store, search for Easytime. After the app is installed log in using the credentials provided.

Q : How do I track employee time attendence?

A : Time tracking and attendence can be viewed on the dashboard:


Q : How many employees can I create?

A : As many as You wish, you can manage up to FIVE employees FREE!

Q : How much does it cost?
A : Easytime is FREE for up to FIVE employees. When the number of employees surpas this number, pricing can be calculated using the pricetable.

$6 is the monthly fee, and its added to the number of employees registered multiplied by $0.30
For example: A company has registered 50 employees, and their monthly cost for using EasyTime would be $6 + (50 x $0.30)= $6 + $15 = $21

Q : How do I pay?
A : On the end of the month for the active registered users for that month.