Getting started

This is step-by-step process to start using your EasyTime.

1.    Register your company on the REGISTRATION page Registration (

2.    You will receive email “Easytime – Time and attendance - Main account registration”. Use the links in the email to do the following:
•    Add your employees on DASHBOARD – Employees List employees (
•    Download the QR generator app for your office tablet here or Download the Face recognition app for your office tablet here.

3.    Go to DASHBOARD - My Account page to enter your Profile, Address, and select your subscription plan Subscription plan (

4.    Once an employee is added to the list on the Dashboard (step 2 above) he/she will receive email notification with the login and app download info.

5.    Start using Reports to track employees work hours. You may also integrate EasyTime with your HR / Payroll system User reports ( 

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